(The following is a sample of recordings featuring songs from our catalogue)

Artist Project or Release
Casey May Eden
Jason Price Grit’s Guts and Country Pride
Makayla Lynn Parry Daydream
Dilemmade N/A
Josh Macumber Was Here
Cess Rise
Heather Green Your Last War
Heather Green One Happy Year
Rose Cousins The Send Off
Amelia Curran Barricades
Amelia Curran Lullabies for Barflies
John Allan Cameron Glencoe Station
McGinty 44 North
McGinty Sea Songs
McGinty Atlantic Favorites II
McGinty Sea Songs
Evans and Doherty A Much Better View
The Special Consensus Scratch Gravel Road
The Special Consensus 35
Newton & Thomas Reborn
Clay Hess N/A
Robert Bouchard Small Town Boy
Roger Stone N/A
The Masterless Men On The Run
Cyril MacPhee Back on Track
Cyril MacPhee When I Say I Do
Brakin’ Tradition Music Man
Brakin’ Tradition Powerfolk
Brakin’ Tradition Presence in the Past
Breton Live + 1
Sylvia Lelievre Songs From The Heart
The Spinney Brothers Tired and True
The Spinney Brothers No Borders
The Spinney Brothers Here at the Cross
The Spinney Brothers If I Were Your Brother
New Shade of Blue You’re Always Here
Exit 13 A New Shade of Blue
True Blue N/A
The Novelty Salesmen Christmas on the Town
Delores Boudreau Finally Home
Grace Thibeau The Time Has Come
Ruth Manning Everything To Me
TJ King Feels Right
John MacDonald N/A
Fortune’s Hand Rhythm of the Wind
Ann Feron Roadside Flowers
David Stone Down Through Halifax
David Stone Her Own War
Connie MacAskill Closer to Home
Kevin Davidson Hear...
Ryan Roberts N/A
Blue Tie Affair N/A
Jeanette Williams Thank You For Caring
Justin Carbone Justin’ Time
Bittersweet Rooted
Songs of Nova Scotia Vol. 3 Compilation
A New Kind Of Light Compilation

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