The Story

In 1991, Founder and President, Darryl Landry met with an American singer/songwriter at a Music Festival in the Berkshire Mountains of New England. Here’s Landry in his own words, “At that time I was an aspiring closet songwriter and a fan of this guy. I asked him if he would listen to my songs and offer any advice; astoundingly he did! That was the first time someone I admired, other than family and friends, gave me positive feedback on my songwriting and, in addition, it was the first time I heard the term Music Publisher. Consequently that sent me into a frantic, pre-internet research mode (on music publishing), which literally took years and led to J. Adair Music and J. Adair Publishing”.

Landry decided to set up J. Adair Music in Halifax, Nova Scotia and then established the mission statement and the primary goal of bringing east coast Canadian songwriters to a greater audience and to other markets. Staying true to that end, Landry turned down a few job offers in Nashville, TN, and decided instead to work primarily out of Halifax while spending 2-6 months per year (as time and resources would permit) in the US (primarily Nashville) ferreting out new opportunities.

Early on in the venture Landry met and became friends with a gifted fellow Nova Scotia singer/songwriter, Roger Stone, which led to an extremely fruitful relationship that continues to this day. Roger saw the need for an official and organized approach to the song management business in east coast Canada, and not only came on board as a writer but also promoted and advocated on behalf of J. Adair Music’s song management approach. Landry comments, “Roger’s contribution is beyond what I can tell you in a Coles notes summary but how about this for starters; he is a current member of the legendary east coast folk music group McGinty, a founding member of Brakin’ Tradition (a local Celtic rock band ahead of their time in the early 90’s) and the co-writer of L’Acadie (with Doug Sampson) which was excepted into the Great Canadian Songbook, … and …. It’s starting to look like 2016 will be another stellar year in music for him. Stay tuned!”

At this point in the story it is fitting to mention that 2 other songs from the J. Adair Music catalogue were also included in the great Canadian songbook,“Will You Come Away” (Darryl Landry/Dave Stone) and “Heading For Halifax” (Al Macdonald). This is definitely remarkable since the book opens with the Canadian National Anthem and features songs by Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Cockburn, Stan Rogers, Stompin’ Tom Connors, Ian Tyson, Lennie Gallant, etc.

…. This Coles notes synopsis of the J. Adair Music story is not even half told yet, so please check back in the New Year as I am planning another informal sit down interview with Darryl to wrap this up.

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